Report 11 March 2021

Free Universities: Putting the Academic Freedom Index Into Action

The second iteration of the Academic Freedom Index compares the state of academic freedom worldwide. Here is how policymakers, universities and others can put it to use.

The Global Futures Podcast

We discuss foreign policy, economics, war, peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the globe as part of the Global Governance Futures — Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogue Program. 

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Lehren aus der 5G-Saga

Trotz jahrelangem Hin und Her hat Deutschland immer noch keinen verlässlichen gesetzlichen Rahmen für den Ausbau des 5G-Netzes verabschiedet. Was können wir von der deutschen 5G-Saga lernen?


The Last Straw: How Chemical Weapons Impact Women and Break Communities

Chemical weapons are an integral part of the Syrian military campaign – a strategy that has disproportionately affected women. What are the gendered impacts of chemical weapons? And how do chemical attacks affect community resilience?


Multilateralism Needs Democracy

Germany should put collaboration among democracies at the heart of the Alliance for Multilateralism. But doing so will require a commitment to credibility, solidarity and working with partners outside the old West’.


Researching Academic Freedom

How can researchers better understand academic freedom worldwide? This book offers research guidelines and in-depth case studies on the situation in Brazil, Ireland, Russia, and Egypt.


Frühzeitig ist rechtzeitig: Vorausschauende humanitäre Maßnahmen auf Konfliktsituationen ausweiten

Immer mehr humanitäre Akteure ergreifen vorhersagebasierte Maßnahmen schon bevor eine Katastrophe eintritt. Im Sinne einer umfassenden Krisenprävention sollte Deutschland auf Erfahrungen aus der Konfliktforschung aufbauen, anstatt Konfliktsituationen auszuklammern. 


Managing the Risks of Stabilization: Germany’s New Assessment Tool

Preventing crises involves taking risks – but they must be managed. How well does Germany’s new assessment tool do the job? And what can we learn from the process?