Article 12 September 2019

Men with Guns: Political Economy Lessons for Disbanding or Integrating Hybrid Security Forces

Integrating or disbanding local forces has failed time and again. How can we distinguish policies that are doomed to fail from those that may carry the seeds of potential success? 

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Can the EU Prevent Deepfakes From Threatening Peace?

Highly realistic fake videos could take online disinformation to the next level. The European Union must take action to prevent deepfakes from becoming the next propaganda tool.


Tut Deutschland genug für die Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und Humanitäre Hilfe?

Obwohl sich Deutschland zum 0,7-Prozent-Ziel der Vereinten Nationen bekennt, werden die deutschen ODA-Ausgaben weiter absinken, wenn die Bundesregierung nicht gegensteuert.


Why China’s Wealthy Elites Have So Much at Stake in Hong Kong

Much of the commentary on Beijing’s response to the protests in Hong Kong overlooks a key aspect of the relationship: China’s rich — many of whom are intimately connected to the ruling Communist Party — stand to lose a lot of money if Hong Kong descends into chaos. 


Three Challenges for the African Union’s New Humanitarian Agency

The African Union’s new humanitarian agency faces three main pitfalls: providing sufficient resources, defining a clear division of labor with existing organizations, and ensuring international aid agencies step back.

Policy brief

Looking Ahead: Foresight for Crisis Prevention

European foreign services are experimenting with looking into the future’. How can policymakers make foresight and forecasting effective tools in their efforts to anticipate and ideally prevent violent conflict? Here’s an overview.


Judging Universities by How Free They Are

Degrees of academic freedom should affect universities’ reputations, but there is no reliable data on violations of academic freedom in higher education institutions worldwide. GPPi is piloting a comparative global measurement on academic freedom to address this gap.